Ouch! Got a bit too sunburnt?

Relax with this soothing easy to make Gel or cooling Spritzer.

If you missed a spot whilst putting on your sunscreen, or just forgot to reapply regularly this might do the trick.

500 ml of Aloe Vera Gel

5-10 ml of Essential Oils

10- 15 ml of herb/vitamin extracts (optional)

10 -20 ml of Perfect Potion Solubiliser

1, Place your Aloe Vera into a clean bowl.

2. Add your herbs/ vitamins if you wish. ( Mix Well).

3. Add water soluble vitamins and essential oils. ( Mix Well)

4. Add Solubiliser and mix.

2 ml of German Chamomile

2 ml of Roman Chamomile

3 ml of Lavender

1 ml of Tea Tree

Add some Marshmellow extract if you like it's known as demulcant which just means it has a film like action over the mucouse membranes. It is helpful for reducing minor pain and inflammation on the membranes.

German Chamomile is a bluish yellow in colour is well known for it's anti - inflammatory properies, it's very cooling and soothing, a calming and centring oil.

Roman Chamomile is slightly different I love them both and use them extensively. It is good for skin irriations, but also very calming to the mind and body, good for heat and agitation and not being able to sleep. I have found over the years if I am a bit sunburnt I feel very hot and find it hard to sleep.

Lavender is known as an all round balancing oil, very good for minor burns, eczema,psoriasis.

Lavender is not for everyone, I have had some clients who don't like lavender it gives them nightmares, this is a minority. If this is the case stop using Lavender oil immediately. It is quite ok just to use the Chamomiles on their own or with Tea Tree.

Tea Tree has antiseptic properties, it's anti-viral, anti-infectious, anti-fungal,anti- bacterial,astringent, An Excellent skin toner.


If you are in sydney please feel free to drop in for a massage and discussion all things aromatherapy, colour therapy and let me make up a blend specifically for you to use in your massage treatment and at home for a contiunation of care.

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