Relax it's natural medicine week enjoy an aromatherapy massage with mother nature's gifts

Have you heard about aromatherapy but your still not really sure how it works, or you have heard that having an aromatherapy massage means, it will be light and fluffy and won't relieve my sore muscles wrong?

Below is just a brief overview about the benefits of a regular massage and using aromatherapy essential oils for you physically, mentally and emotionally.

• Improve your posture, range of motion, joint mobility, relieve tightness in the body.

• Enables relaxation, reduces fatigue and stress.

• Facilitates healing.

• Improves sleep.

What are aromatherapy essential oils and how do I use them properly and efficiently.

Aromatherapy essentials oils are the natural occurring compounds found within all flowers, roots, leaves, resins, woods and barks of the plants.

These gifts from nature may be used to assist your physical mental and emotional well-being through the application of massage, baths, room mists, bath lotions, ointment balms, steam inhalations and compresses.

Essential oils most commonly enter the body via the pores of our skin and go through to our blood stream and are then distributed around the body.

The other method which is extremely popular is through mists and sprays, with the essential oils travelling up our noses and attaching to the follicles there and then this goes into our limbic brain.

The essential oils are extracted by a few different means, steam distillation, solvent extraction, expression processes.

These naturally occurring aromatic compounds are volatile, oily and fragrant, they are extremely sensitive to heat and light and this why it’s important for them to stored properly.

The volatility of these essential oils varies depending on the molecular structure of the oil, which in turn is affected by the soil, the amount of light, the time of the day the plant is harvested.

Essential oils may assist sore muscles, muscle strains, sleep issues, digestive issues, cuts, bites stings, stress, skin issues, colds and flu, respiratory issues, circulatory issues, menstrual problems, nervous tension.

These can be used in conjunction with western medicine.

I am a registered with ATMS and I have all health fund rebates.

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I will be offering $ 20 off a 60 minute Aromatherapy Massage ( $80 ) at Annandale this Friday and Saturday to celebrate Natural Medicine Week.

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