What is involved in an aromatherapy treatment?

Learn the basics from an expert with 20 years experience.

Firstly we sit down over a cup of herbal tea and cover any medical conditions and your reason for having a massage- which may be just to treat yourself! Traditionally, the aromatherapy style of massage is a light, nurturing, blissful massage sequence, I can blend oils to use during the massage to target muscular tension, I’m also able to use firmer pressure & remedial techniques if you would prefer at any stage during your treatment.

Combining essential oils with massage in an aromatherapy treatment is a very popular way of enhancing the therapeutic, healing benefits of massage. Connecting our bodies, mind and emotions through our sense of touch and smell.

Breathe in the sensuous smell of Rose essential oil while it soothes away sensitive inflamed red skin, assists in alleviating the symptoms of PMS, menopause and nervous tension. Add lemongrass to assist with the removal of any lactic acid build up in your muscles, whilst deodorizing your feet after your run in those sweaty training shoes.

Aromatherapy massage and essential oils are an ideal way to promote a healthy metabolism, increase energy levels, decrease stress and anxiety, relieve sore muscles, aches and pains, increase mental clarity and focus, improve digestive health, promote deep and restful sleep and support our emotional well-being.

The beauty of aromatherapy massage and the use of essential oils is that it can be tailored to suit virtually anybody. Come on a journey and discover which essential oils can assist you in your massage session and in your daily life.

How do I use aromatherapy essential oils?

You might be familiar with using an oil burner or electric diffuser but I love to

inhale a drop or 2 of rosemary on a tissue to give me that added boost of brain power needed for an when i am studying. I use them in the shower, or a foot soak with peppermint and rosemary, a few drops of geranium in a compress is lovely on a hot day. I use sweet orange oil to wipe down the kitchen benches, eucalyptus and lemon to mop the floor.

I use the Perfect Potion range and DoTerra with my clients as well as making up individual blends that maybe used in the massage appointment and other individualized products for continuity of care at home. I enjoy educating my clients and giving them confidence in using oils at home between appointments. Essential oils can be used in creams, lotions, face creams, masks, bath salts, perfumes, spritzers and so on.

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