What's Colour Therapy? How can I use it?

Colour influences us everyday. Colour is simply light vibrating at different wavelengths and frequencies, and these affect different parts of the brain. Colour therapy, which uses colour to cultivate energy in the body, dates back to the ancient civilisations of Egypt, India and China. Even though Western medicine does not formally recognise colour therapy, medical professionals in the West are exploring and using light and colour therapies to treat issues like seasonal affective disorder, depression and sleep disorders. With complementary therapies on the rise, use of colour and light therapies as adjunct forms of treatment is becoming more common.

The Chakras

Working with the chakras can be a useful approach to cultivating energy through the use of colour (Andrews 1995). Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" or "disk," and the seven chakras, located along the central axis of the body, represent its seven major energy centres. Recognised by ancient civilisations for thousands of years, these centres correlate to the major nerve ganglia branching out from the spine. The chakras are also said to correlate to levels of consciousness and bodily functions, among other things. And associated with each chakra is a colour, based on the concept that the energy vibrating through each centre has a different wavelength or quality of light. Colour therapy involves working with colour in each of the chakras to help balance energy and maintain health and well-being.

I use a range of Colour Therapy products called Aura-Soma designed to balance your body, mind and spirit.

Aura- Soma combines Colour, plant and crystal energies, incorporating the powerful vibrations of our Mother Earth. Aura-Soma includes organic and biodynamic botanicals.

From soil to soul is a philosophy very close to the heart of Aura-Soma's range which is intended to enhance happiness and vitality.

Aura-Soma products maybe added to your massage experience to enhance and assist you with your wellness goals.

Go on a journery of self discovery with a Aura-Soma consultation. A phrase often used when selecting your four equilibrum bottles is "you are the colours you choose" and these reflect your beings needs.

The Chakra Set

Delve into your unique journey through the bottles you have chosen, what do the colours mean to you, at this point in time. We look at your strengths and talents, who are you, where are you going. We discuss how to intergrate your talents and strengths. Sometimes we can get so busy with our day to day lives we forget to take stock of what is going on around us. As the saying goes " it's hard to see the forest from the trees".

You are looking at yourself through the frame of colour. Pretty interesting! People are often surprised how accurate a consultation is.

Do you choose the same bottles each time?

No not always, you maybe have worked through certain aspects of yourself, and inter-grated them into your everyday life.

Sometimes yes you will choose the same bottle and that is fine as well. That may indicate you just want to inter-grate that colour in a deeper way.

I very often choose the same bottles. I use the bottles daily morning and night as part of my routine along with the other products as a tool and aid to help me with living in a big urban city. It's a couple of minutes a day to help me take stock of what's going on around me. It just assists me with peeling away at the layers of myself I want to let go of and have a deeper understanding of myself.

Some of the many benefits you can experience include:

1 Relaxation 2 Restored Energy 3 Clarity 4 Inner Strength 5 Self-Awareness

If you would like to find out more information about Aura-Soma please go to their website www.aura-soma.net or my website www.thecolourfulcatalyst.com.au.

I do carry all the Aura - Soma range for purchase and if you would like to experience a massage using the products or have a consultation. I am available at Union Street Yoga and Wellbeing in Erskineville, Sydney. Therapies at Summer Hill. Book now by calling Christine on 0417 37 9099 or email me with any queries to thecolourfulcatalyst@gmail.com

Have a colourful day.

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