Deep joy in reconnecting with innate and collective wisdom



May assist with understanding underlying emotional patterns and habits brought about by fear,  issues with self worth and self esteem.  


Gold may support us in relaxing our Solar Plexus so that we let go of these patterns and get in touch with our inner guidance or star within and understand our own precious gold, inner wisdom, deep joy, insights and abundance.


Therefore allowing more acceptance of ourselves.


Gold Pomander

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  • Essential Oils*: Lemongrass, Tuberose, Verbena, Frankincense (*organic or bio-dynamically grown)

    Crystal Energies: Calcite, Zincite, Topaz


    Place 3 drops in the palm of your left hand, rub together with your right and pass through and around your aura and chakras to surround yourself with a delicate protective web of refreshment that lasts for several hours. Finish by inhaling the fragrance from between your hands with three deep breaths.