FRAGRANCE: Fresh, Herbal, Woodsy


This pomander is which is a combination of yellow and green relates to allowing ourselves space and time to make decisions from a more heart centred space, tapping into our feminine side so we may work more with a spirit of co-operation rather than competing with one another.


Useful for dealing with disappointments, nervousness and fears related to emotional issues and being able to let go of these past hurts and move into a more empowered truth or wisdom. 


May help to cleanse, clear and freshen the atmosphere around oneself, among groups and between client sessions.

Olive Pomander

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    Essential Oils*: Bergamot, Pine, Rosemary, Rose Geranium, Lavender (*organic or bio-dynamically grown)

    Crystal Energies: Emerald, Chrysoprase

    How to use:

    Place 3 drops in the palm of your left hand, rub together with your right and pass through and around your aura and chakras to surround yourself with a delicate protective web of refreshment that lasts for several hours. Finish by inhaling the fragrance from between your hands with three deep breaths.